Our Restoration Projects

Here are some pictures of the E-Type and some other restoration projects. I'll add more of the E-Type as it goes back together.

This is a picture of our E-Type shortly after we brought it home. It's a 1970 Regency Red Series 2 OTS. The bonnet is actually off of a 2+2 "parts car". The car was in a minor accident before we bought it. The lady who was driving, stuck the nose out too far at a traffic light and got it clipped by a truck. The people we bought it from were going to restore it and had bought many new parts for it, including a complete G.W. Bartlet major interior kit. George's  E-Type

George in the E-Type Just proves that even if you are 6' 4", you CAN fit in an E-Type! Note the clear view OVER the windscreen! This was taken in 1996. You can see that the bonnet and mirror as well as most of the trim has been removed. At this point, the car was mostly just a rolling shell. I had sent many of the parts out to be re-chromed, plated, etc. The engine and transmission are in my workshop. I left the seats in just so I could sit in it once in a while.

This is my wife, Donna "going for a spin". Actually the car wasn't drivable but it's fun pretending.

Donna has been a tremendous help and very supportive of the whole project. She initially convinced me to go ahead and buy the car.

Donna going for a spin.

Front view of E-Type. This is a head on view of the car as I started stripping it down. Actually, the car was very original and it's a shame to have to refurbish some of the parts. Unfortunately, the car was "tired" and needed a general sprucing up as well as taking care of some much needed maintenance.

Along the way, I found some of the typical "PO" bodges, such as a place where the car had been "tagged" in the rear and repaired by bondoing over the damage without even removing the rear bumper!

You can also see the factory hardtop that I found for the car after I bought it. It is Signal Red. Eventually, everything will be painted the car's original color, Regency Red.

This is me squatting next to the car. I had just finished plug welding in two new floor wells with my MIG welder. I actually had very few pieces of metal that needed to be replaced.

That's the welder on the right. It's an HTP 200 amp unit that can do either MIG or flux core wire up to .034 diameter.

MIG or TIG is the preferred method to do any kind of body restoration.

I took some welding courses at my local community college before I attempted any of this!

George welding on the E-Type

George dis-assembling the dash This is me again taking apart the dash. My wife says this is my best view. This picture also shows the exceptional leg room that an E-Type has for someone like me. ;-)

Got to spend more time working on the car as I need the storage space. You wouldn't believe how many cardboard boxes it takes to hold an E-Type.

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