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I couldn't resist this shot. This engine really purrs. That's my ace mechanic's helper, Buddy. He really is that big and weighs 23 pounds. This engine really purrs!

Another view of the engine This is another view of the engine. Notice all the strange hardware to accommodate the air conditioning.

When I got this thing, the jockey pulley assembly and front pulley for the A/C was missing. These are VERY expensive parts to replace and hard to find.

I think I finally found them at East Coast Jaguar.

This is the right side cowl. When the PO's wife pushed the bonnet back, she managed to tear the radio antenna out and push the top bulkhead back about an inch. I decided to cut this piece out to repair the bulkhead, (already done in this shot) and just weld in a patch panel to close up the hole.

You can see down into the body assembly here and guess what? No rust. This car has spent it's entire life in Arizona.

Right side top cowl

Battery side sill This is a shot of the left side sill where the battery sits. I had bead blasted it to bare metal to check for damage caused by leaking battery acid. It's very common for this piece to be full of holes.

I was lucky, some pitting but no holes. A little featherfill, some epoxy primer and we'll be as good as new.

This is the other piece of major surgery that I had to do. The right side sill was bent right at the bulkhead and I couldn't straighten it. I decided to neatly cut out a piece of the front bulkhead with a Dremel tool and fine cut off wheel. I was then able to easily get a dolly and hammer in there to work the dents back out. Right side sill

Bulkhead weld This is the right side bulkhead after I straightened out all the bends and had just welded the cut out piece back in. After this was ground smooth with a 120 grit disk in my hand grinder, you couldn't even tell that it had ever been removed.

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