Our Restoration Projects

gwcsb1.jpg A picture of what the well dressed sandblaster will wear if he want's to be able to breathe after the restoration.

No, we're not expecting bees, just the hood that goes over the respirator. Also, gloves are highly recommended. gwcsb2.jpg

This is a shot of the front of the car after I repaired the bulkhead damage and sandblasted it prior to priming and painting. It took me about 2 1/2 hours with a pressure sandblaster using 30 grit silica sand to clean this up.

Because the car was built during the infamous British Leyland days, there's a lot of finish work that's going to be done a lot better than was originally done at the factory. I found literally pounds of body sealer smeared on sheet metal where there weren't even any seams.

Front Bulkhead

Car Dolly I thought I would throw this shot in here just to show how I keep the car mobile during restoration. I made this dolly out of a couple of pieces of scrap angle and some left over casters from another project. It's sure handy knowing how to weld.

Someone once innocently asked, "What's the best way to paint the subframes?" This project started out just to paint the subframes and do some cleaning.

Here's a picture of the car supported by a chain hoist and some purpose built stands just so I can clean and paint the underside of the car.

I didn't feel comfortable working under the car with it only being held by a 1/2 ton hoist, so I made some 36 inch high stands out of 1 - 1/2 inch, 12 gauge square tubing as a safety measure.


Subframes Here are the subframe pieces trial fitted together after painting. I used a Regency Red polyurethane to paint them. Depending on the lighting, they either look very bright red or almost bergundy.

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