Our Restoration Projects

Shooting the Tranny tunnel Here I'm shooting the transmission tunnel with a product called "3M Rocker Shutz". It's a noise deadening compound similar to undercoating but it dries hard and can be painted.

This is what the "Rocker Shutz" looks like when it dries. I also had undercoated the bottom of the car with another 3M undercoating product. This isn't an endorsement for 3M, just what my local auto paint store carries. Rocker Shutz

Painted Tranny tunnel This is what it looked like after I painted over the "Rocker Shutz". I've also seen e-types undercoated and painted this way under the wheel wells to protect the bonnet from pebbles being thrown up by the tires.

You can see here where the car was hanging from a chain hoist attached through the roof of the garage. It made it easier to work under the car. I hadn't put the 36 inch high safety stands under the front yet in this shot. Launch Pad

Brake Assembly Finally! We get to put parts on instead of taking them off! I've rebuilt the suspension and just put the caliper on in this shot. That's my daily driver '73 Datsun 240Z parked in front of the garage.

Here's where we are now. The steering rack goes on next, then the wiring harnesses and we begin assembling things in earnest. Front View

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